Karen Quimby

Karen Quimby

I was at a pivotal time in my life when I learned about Allergy Release Technique. A dear family friend was experiencing the terror of having a child with anaphylactic allergies. I immediately began learning all I could. Fast forward years, this experience led me to switch careers and what I found was a deeply meaningful way to help others.

I was so fortunate to train with Amy Thieringer and have found where I am truly meant to be. There is no other healing modality quite like A.R.T., it is truly life-changing! I am honored to be part of this groundbreaking work.

I have been practicing A.R.T. since 2018. I am a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code and carry certifications in Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki and as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition. These skills enable me to offer a unique blend of holistic healing to my clients.


  • 70 Blanchard Road, Suite 401, Burlington, MA 01803

K.K. from Boston, MA

Starting any new program without knowing about it in full is always challenging. Within the first few sessions, I knew Karen was fantastic. Her knowledge and approach made me very comfortable. It really did not feel like I was in some treatment or therapy at all! She is professional yet as friendly as can be. She is genuinely and authentically invested in her work. I went from initial skepticism to actually looking forward to my time with her. I would absolutely recommend Karen to anyone and everyone. She is exactly the type of practitioner clients would want.

Brian from Gloucester, MA

I have tried everything for my eczema and nothing has worked for over 25 years. Many dermatology appointments and topical steroid creams later, my battle with eczema continued with my ultimate conclusion of no cure... ever. I was thrilled to find Karen specializing in holistic care centered on treating the root cause of the problem and helping the body to heal itself! Karen made me feel comfortable with her infectious energy and her kind, empathetic care. I have followed her protocol, had incredible results and cannot recommend her highly enough!