Diane Floyd

Diane Floyd

I am Diane Floyd and I work out of my Natick office with people suffering from a variety of conditions including environmental allergies and digestive disorders.

It is not an exaggeration to say A.R.T. has been a life-changing experience for my entire family and enabled me to work with my true calling – to help others. 

My son once had a life-threatening allergic reaction to peanuts.  Now, 16 years since his allergy diagnosis, my son has gone through the process of A.R.T., is eating peanuts on a regular basis without any issues, and I have become a practitioner of the process.  

My background is in business with most of my professional life spent in the world of banking, and a shift from that world to become Admissions Director at an all girls’ school.  I even owned a peanut-free chocolate business for 7 years!  When my children were born, my career shifted to full-time caretaker of 2 boys.  However, I was always reading about and interested in health, nutrition, and alternative treatments of conditions.  After struggling with my own health issues, and running into roadblocks to healing using the traditional medicine approach, I decided to certify as a Health Coach to help heal myself and others. 

Now, I am a certified A.R.T. practitioner and certified Emotion Code practitioner as well as a certified Health Coach.  I am currently working toward becoming a Reiki Master and am interested in all things in the holistic and integrative health and wellness realm. 

I feel truly blessed to be part of such groundbreaking work of A.R.T.