Debbie Jacobs

Debbie Jacobs

Debbie holds a B.S. from the University of Rochester and a Masters in Social Work from Simmons College. She is a certified nutrition health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a certified Allergy Release Technique® practitioner, and has trained in energy medicine and reiki healing techniques.

Prior to opening her ART® practice, Debbie worked as a licensed social worker with older adults in various settings including hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. She then went on to manage a family business for 8 years. Both careers were fulfilling and brought her great joy and a sense of purpose, but she felt she was meant to be doing something else.

Debbie’s oldest son reacted to peanut butter at just 9 months old and was quickly diagnosed as having anaphylactic allergies to peanuts, tree nuts and sesame. Refusing to be limited by allergists whose sole advice was for her son to simply avoid all allergy-causing foods for the rest of his life (because “there are no other options”), she finally came upon a veritable solution: Allergy Release Technique®. Her son started the program when he was just two and a half years old and, one by one, overcame each and every food allergy to the point where he could finally eat everything freely. It was truly a life-changing experience.

Debbie has a passion for helping and healing others, so much so that she changed careers mid-life to become an Allergy Release Technique® practitioner and could offer others the same safe, allergy-free life she and her family now enjoy. Debbie lives in Needham with her husband, Josh, and two sons, Jackson and Carter.


J.W. from Andover, MA

We never knew that our son had food allergies until he was 4 years old and ate a piece of fish - he broke out in hives, had difficulty breathing and needed an Epi-Pen. We have avoided fish ever since then which was 6 years ago. I learned about A.R.T.® and called Debbie to discuss the program. She was warm, kind and friendly on the phone and I knew that we would build a great relationship together. When I first met Debbie, it felt like we had been friends forever, and the weekly sessions flew by. I watched my son get rid of his eczema, strengthen his immune system and eventually, eat the fish that he was previously allergic to. It was life changing for the entire family! The only down side of this is that we no longer get to see Debbie weekly but we are forever grateful for all that she has done for our family.

Melissa from Needham, MA

We are so grateful for A.R.T. and our amazing practitioner, Debbie. Our son had been suffering for years with severe seasonal allergies. In the Spring, he would often wake up with his eyes swollen shut, red, tearing and itchy. His allergies kept him inside during May and June and he was forced to miss most of his baseball season. We tried it all - daily allergy medication, eye drops, and nose spray - which offered little to no relief. We had heard about the benefits of ART for curing food allergies, so we decided to give seasonal allergies a try. Debbie was incredibly patient and dedicated as she worked weekly with our son to build his immune system and heal his seasonal allergies. Last Spring, we saw a huge difference in our son's allergies. He never once woke up with his eyes plastered shut, and besides a runny nose, he had very little symptoms. My son enjoyed his A.R.T sessions and is looking forward to never missing a baseball game again. We are so appreciative of this life changing opportunity to work with Debbie.