Alexandra Manrique

Alexandra Manrique

Hello, I'm Alexandra. My journey on this path began when our son was only 18 months old. After eating wheat, he started to get itchy and red, and his face began to swell. I realized this must be an allergic reaction and knew I had to act fast. I rushed my son to the doctor just a couple of blocks away. When we arrived, he was having difficulty breathing. Fortunately, we got there on time. Since that day, our lives changed drastically, knowing that our son would have to live with a life threatening condition probably his whole life, and there was nothing traditional medicine could do to cure him.

After many difficult moments, all the stress and fear around food, all the searching for treatment alternatives, finally, the moment arrived; an angel came into our lives. Our angel: Amy Thieringer, had already cured more than five hundred kids, all of them with anaphylactic allergies. We believed in her and the methodology she created to cure allergies and began treatment for our son in the summer of 2017. Today he eats milk, eggs, almonds, walnuts, pecans and will continue his treatment until he's able to eat everything.

I was so amazed by the promise and results of the methodology of Allergy Release Technique that I got trained as a practitioner myself, and today I am a Certified Allergy Release Technique Practitioner working at the A.R.T. headquarters. I combine this work with Positive Psychology, Reiki Healing, and Mindfulness.


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