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If you are interested in working with an A.R.T. practitioner, please download and fill out our application form and send back via email to:

Please note that Amy has a 4 year waitlist and has trained other practitioners in A.R.T. who we may refer you to depending on your individual needs.

As you consider the A.R.T. program, please know that it requires a strict, regular commitment from our clients. Individual treatments will vary depending on the complexity of allergies and response to treatment, but average two years in length.  Thirty-minute appointments will be held weekly at the cost of approximately $100 per week.  We ask that you please be sure this time and financial commitment is viable for your family before applying. Please note that  treatment is not eligible to be covered by medical insurance.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have after you have submitted your application form!

Interested in becoming an A.R.T. practitioner?
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