Amy Thieringer's A.R.T.® Allergy Release Technique®

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As you consider the A.R.T. program, please understand that it requires a regular commitment from our clients.  Individual treatments vary depending on the complexity of allergies and response to treatment, which usually averages about two years.  Clients need to attend weekly thirty minute appointments.  The cost of the program is not covered by medical insurance.  We ask that you please be sure the time and financial commitment is a viable option for your family before applying. 

Qualifications for individual practitioners are denoted as follows:

Master A.R.T.®

If you have food allergies, have had an anaphylactic reaction, and have required the use of an Epi-Pen, you need to see a Master A.R.T. Practitioner. Please understand that there are no exceptions as spots are limited.

Please fill out Amy’s request form below to get onto her waiting list (current wait is 4-5 years).

You may also contact Susie Lee-Snell, whose contact information is listed below.

Advanced A.R.T.®

If you have food allergies, carry an Epi-Pen, but have NOT had an anaphylactic reaction, please contact one of the “Advanced A.R.T. Practitioners” listed below.


If you have food allergies and/or sensitivities, but are not anaphylactic and do not carry an Epi-Pen, please contact one of the “A.R.T. Practitioners” listed below.  A.R.T. Practitioners may also treat clients with immune symptoms such as, but not limited to, lactose intolerance, oral allergy syndrome, digestion issues, skin issues, lyme disease and PANDAS.

Below is a list of certified practitioners.

**Practitioners who are not listed are no longer supported by A.R.T. and are not recognized as a certified A.R.T. practitioner.


Amy Thieringer, CHC (Master A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Founder, A.R.T. Allergy Release Technique®️
8 Wallis Court
Lexington, MA 02421
Fill out request form above to get onto Amy’s waiting list

Susie Lee-Snell, CHC (Master A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Director of Training, A.R.T. Allergy Release Technique®️
Lexington, MA

Jill Woods (Master A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Allergy Resolution
Natick, MA

Jodi Kelly (Master A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Lexington, MA

Sarah Adams Pyne (Master A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Innera Wellness
Harvard and Devens, MA

Andria Boucher (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Mindful Healing
Middleton, MA

Beth Bergstrom (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Winchester, MA

Debbie Jacobs (A.R.T.® Practitioner)
Balanced Living
Needham, MA

Diane Floyd (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Wellness at Last, LLC
Natick, MA

Ellen Dellamarggio (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Needham, MA

Julianne Murphy (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Anam Cara Holistic Therapies
Winchester, MA

Karen Quimby (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Natural Solutions, LLC
Newton, MA & Roslindale, MA

Kathleen Katterhagen (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Weston, MA

Kim Crowell (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Infinite Energy Wellness
Amherst/Hadley, MA

Krista Wesley (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Restored Balance Healing
W. Newbury/Newburyport, MA

Laura Dillon (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Allergy-Freedom. Inc.
Reading, MA

Libby Corcoran (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Holistic Health Solutions, LLC
Medfield, MA

Maureen Preskenis (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
MP Allergy Wellness, LLC
Westwood, MA

Molly Sebo (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Integrative Health Techniques
Roslindale/Boston, MA

Nicole Grady (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Nicole Grady Nutrition
Walpole, MA

Julie Fletcher (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
A.R.T. Office

Sharon Gilgun, RN (A.R.T.® Practitioner)
Wilmington, MA


Michelle Kresser (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Fairfield, CT


Alexandra Manrique (A.R.T.® Practitioner)
Key Biscayne, FL

New Jersey

Carol Dimitriades (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Holistic Destiny
Eatontown, NJ

Elizabeth Stults (A.R.T.® Practitioner)
Integrative Healing
Montclair, NJ

New York

Laura Villanti (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
At Home With Wellness, LLC
Mendon, NY


Tracey Kubik (A.R.T.®️ Practitioner)
Holistic Healing For Wellness
Dublin, OH
Holistic Healing For Wellness