Amy Thieringer's A.R.T.® Allergy Release Technique®

About Amy Thieringer

Amy Thieringer is CEO and Founder of A.R.T. Allergy Release Technique®️. She is a board-certified Nutrition and Health Coach who created this integrative approach to treat food allergies. Over the last fifteen years, Amy has worked with over four hundred children to conquer their seemingly incurable food allergies—giving them hope where traditional medicine gives up.

In addition to her extensive training with a naturopath, Amy has expertise in different healing modalities including Electoral Dermal Screening, Allergy Elimination Technique, Neural Modulation Technique, Eden Energy Medicine, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki. Amy developed A.R.T. by adopting the most relevant and helpful aspects of her various trainings in combination with her years of observing the needs and progress of her patients. A.R.T. balances the immune system, calms the anxiety response and slowly introduces the foods so that patients can eat the foods that would have previously caused intensive allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. A.R.T.’s holistic approach supports patients with a unique, proven, safe, and graduated method that over time empowers them to eat, play, and live free of allergies.

Amy has collaborated with researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston University on a retrospective pilot study published in The Journal of Alternative and Integrative Medicine. The study compares 10 children who underwent ART treatment to 10 who had treatment as usual (food avoidance) and provides preliminary evidence that the 10 children in the ART group were able to ingest the food they were previously allergic to and also showed less reactivity in skin prick testing when compared to the standard treatment group. We are hoping to collaborate on a larger study in the near future to further investigate the effects of ART.

She is featured in a book written by Susannah Meadows, The Other Side of Impossible, featuring stories of people and their families who faced daunting medical challenges.  Amy was also published in The Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, and Wellesley Weston Magazine.

Amy has been interviewed by CBS News, Sirusxm @justjennyhutt, Kids Eating Broccoli and I am Healthy I am Fit Podcasts.

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